Pro-activity gone banana's!!

on Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Right, just thought I'd give an update on what I've been doing since I graduated 2 weeks ago (seems so long ago). I'm in talks with a few agencies, a few people in different agencies too but it seems a long process in terms of getting a job so in the meantime I have begun working at:


What is this you ask? It is a graduate agency started up and run by myself, Adam & Dan. They recently won best new blood for their great advertising portfolio at DNAD new blood. It's a mean of income, experience and pro-activity. We are currently working with a few companies and charities, creating advertising and doing bits of brand strategy too. So far it's going down well, work is coming in and we are having a good time in our own little office, the only bad thing being I'm stuck with a PC whilst they rock the Mac's!

My role is account management/account planning/new business. It's experience with real clients, real budgets and real briefs. Something that is invaluable when going into industry.

You can follow us via twitter: http://twitter.com/3MonkeyNoBanana

That's all for now :)