Forget the rules!

on Monday, July 27, 2009

Recently whilst working at my mundane part time job I noticed a t-shirt a child was wearing, it had the above print on it.

Following the rules is something we are taught from an early age. If we break rules we will lose, if we break rules we will be punished. Once you start working in the big bad world you soon learn you have been lied to.

Rule breaking is what creates the next big thing; it’s what separates brand A from brand B. Rules are there to be pushed, broken and rewritten. This doesn’t just apply to the work we create, it’s not simply about being outlandish with a piece of communication but about pushing a brand to make decisions that will harness creativity & innovation. Of course, embracing and encouraging innovation should be a part of any brands long term strategy. However from my own experiences I have found you often have to nudge clients into taking risks and breaking rules in order to find the perfect solution to their problems, the sooner they see that rules ARE for fools the sooner they will taste success.

I am now looking for this t-shirt, so if anyone knows where I can get one, drop me a message ;)