New blood: day two, three and a summary.

on Thursday, July 02, 2009

Right, I'm back from new blood and in all it was a rather good experience!

Day two was busy, busy, busy! Plenty of agency folk, students and general interesting people floating around...I managed to make some good contacts and chat to some great creative teams. The work on show was great; some of the ideas where well thought out and really shows the quality of graduates coming out of university.

The highlight for me was beating Falmouth uni in the "advertising face off" hosted by shellsuit zombie. I pitched our idea to a crowd of about 50 students, it was received very well. This shows the quality of the course I have just finished, even though we are BA and they are an MA our idea was much stronger and won the face off...much to our delight!!

Leading on from this, everyone I talked to was amazed by our "cutting edge" course, the advertising & brand management course is structured in the same way agencies run. We work in bigger teams, often having an account manager, planner and two creative’s, something that no other course does. This gives us great strategic thinking and creative flair to....something that not many graduates can say they have. Just to give my case more backing, Adam & Dan (two creative’s I have worked with heavily) won the best blood award for having the strongest portfolio at the whole event! Well done to them guys and well done to our tutors for creating such a great course!

I also got to meet a rather interesting gentleman by the name of Jon Sayers...industry people may well know Jon very well. He has achieved a great deal during his writing career and now works at Publicis as a copywriter. We talked for hours, exchanged contact details and he invited me to Publicis to meet some planners and creative’s....watch this space for updates!

So overall a good experience, if anyone else attended, met me or wants to find out more about anything mentioned above, leave your comments below!