customers are the (new) media

on Monday, January 25, 2010

Smiling is contagious.
Simple thought but it rings so true.

Brands spend so much time to understand social media and everything around it. Twitter, Facebook, blogging...you know the usual stuff.

All they really need to understand is that their current customers are the (new) media.

This by no means is a new theory; word of mouth has always been and always will be the most powerful vehicle for selling products. However, customers are now more powerful than ever. If they give your product or service a bad review that may put off potential customers.

Contrary to popular belief, brands CAN control this. How? By creating outstanding products and under promising and over delivering at every stage of the customer journey. Not simply making customers a sales statistic, creating and harnessing a relationship that these customers will want to talk positively about. Complacency can damage a relationship, just because they have bought your product doesn’t mean they will buy again. Just think about a personal relationship. Someone you know only becomes a good friend after you have worked to develop the relationship. It doesn’t simply happen after one encounter.

Brands need to stop concentrating on the media and concentrate on what has always mattered. The product and the customers. Creating great products and great relationships.