Mainstream social networking.

on Tuesday, June 02, 2009

2009 is going to be a big year for all brand communications, the recession is here to stay for a long time, customers are less trusting and brands are dying left right and centre. However on the bright side (if there is one) more and more brands are beginning to become more transparent to their target audiences using social media networks.

One of the recent examples has been the integration of twitter into mainstream media, such as TV. The Conservative leader David Cameron recently used twitter to field questions from the general public and is planning to use YouTube to update the public regarding legislations and changes in the law. Another example of public services using it has been the Boston police, updating their twitter feeds to show the kind of work they do on a regular basis – at the time writing they had 4,419 followers which goes to show people do care! This isn’t just restricted to non profit organisations though, MTV are looking to bring out “a talk show format show inspired in part by late-night programming, with topics ranging from movies and music to the latest YouTube sensations to to see if their singing, dancing, or other oddball talents are for real. And there will be no screaming crowds in Times Square. Instead, there will be tweets."

Mainstream media is starting to become influenced by social media, from creating stars over night (Susan Boyle) to keeping the public up to date with the latest laws. Now is the time for all brands to embrace social media and use it to gain a deeper connection with its audience. There are millions of opportunities out there, restaurants can advertise their latest deals, suppliers communicate in real time with their clients, and game companies can show off their latest products or why not go one step further? Use social media to advertise a publicity stunt for a brand, Lucozade are planning to get a lucky (or not so lucky hmmm?) individual to carry out some of the toughest physical challenges around the globe and tweet/blog/YouTube their experiences. A simple idea, which if executed well will create a lot of exposure for the brand.

As a creative and forward thinking industry it is time to embrace cross media integration and really communicate brands in a way that appeals to consumers and embraces the social media culture, so....what are you waiting for?! Get the ideas flowing 