The joy of graduation?

on Sunday, June 07, 2009

So...its nearly that time in my life when I should be smiling and be looking forward to getting into the world of work, my graduation is scheduled for next month. However having met some of the graduates from last year earlier this week, the world of work (or lack of) seems a bit bleak!

Many are still going from placement to placement, others have changing career paths and a few have landed a job. It s a hard time to be coming into the world of work, competition is not only coming from this year’s graduates but also last year’s graduates and people who may have lost their jobs!

Now is the time to shine thought, persistence is the key, hard work and dedication has never been so important. So to everyone graduating this year, good luck, we are all in the same boat! Don't give up and I might even bump into some of you at an interview in the future ;)