I know your sick of reading about Susan Boyle but......

on Thursday, May 28, 2009

Like thousands across the world, I have watched Susan Boyle on YouTube, probably more than once. An old spinster from Scotland has literally become a global phenomenon overnight. While watching the show on Monday night, it got me thinking...what can brands learn from Susan Boyle?

To find out we have to dig deeper then the champion of the Susan Boyle brand, yes her voice is amazing but what has really caught the public’s affection is the STORY behind Susan Boyle. This is idea is what brands have to take on board, simply the product will not sell itself, if we had simply heard Susan Boyle's voice and not seen the woman, been exposed to her life and bubbly personality we will not have been as affectionate towards her as we are.

If we had heard Susan’s voice over the radio, with no picture we may not have felt the same affection towards Susan as we do now. The reason? The back-story behind Susan Boyle. Without knowing that she had such a sad and hard life before coming onto Britain’s got Talent, the majority of her fans would be nonexistent. Although the selling point of her brand is her voice, without telling a story it wouldn’t differentiate her from a lot of the competition (well apart from DJ talent!).

The lesson we can learn is that a brand has many competitors, selling similar products, some may even be superior products but the brand that has the most compelling story, the one that connects with the consumer and creates an emotional response is the one that will prevail.