The best.

on Monday, February 22, 2010
What's the best thing since sliced bread?

"This is the best way."

"He is the best."

"That is the best."

You see "best" and phrases such as this are subjective.

What is "the best" in one persons eye is not "the best" in anothers.

This is something we come across heavily in our daily lives, however the best way to do things is dependent on who is doing them and who they are speaking to.

The problem in making things "the best" is that by doing so we become complacent, best practise, best strategy, best approach. They are all things that are said to avoid exploring and testing different rountes. We become lazy and unimagnative, we don't want to test new ways of doing things because we already know the "best" way, but like I said "best" is subjective so we should never settle for best unless we can truly prove that our chosen is the best for all parties involved.