How to get work done....

on Saturday, March 28, 2009
These are all things that have helped me come up with ideas at some point during this semester....feel free to add any that work for you!

Drink a bottle or two (ok sometimes three) of Lucozade energy

Watch some funny video's on youtube

Be the Youtube DJ for the rest of the studio...requests are welcome!

Suggest putting the client in a Cadbury's eyebrows style viral video during a brainstorm

Go get an overpriced smoothie from across the road

Try to make a human sofa that can seat two people (I wouldn't advice this one!)

Phone up competitors and pretend your someone rich

Have stupid debates....that have nothing to do with what your ment to be doing (this works well!)

Throw a ball around the studio

Haha hope this doesn't make me sound like an idiot and unproductive but sometimes the best ideas come when your not actually trying to find them!



JAKE!! this is so true! actually had me in stitches! your becoming quite the 'creative wit' ooo wait, thats me! haha